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A few weeks ago, a major event happened on the campus of my university. It brought attention to the school that is often not seen: roads were closed, a helicopter landed on our school sports field, emergency vehicles were everywhere, and our parking lots were closed.

That evening, I had a conversation with a student who I live with in residence. She had gone home for the weekend, and a conversation about the situation at our school was brought up.

Her father’s girlfriend’s daughter’s boyfriend knows me, and in this conversation, it was discovered. How? Social media, of course. I posted about the event on Twitter, which he saw, associated it with Laurier, and associated that with who he was talking to. Amazing.

This definitely demonstrates how social media can reach so many different audiences, how far that reach is, and how social media keeps this world connected. If Twitter didn’t exist, the resident of my building and I would have never known we had this close degree of separation.

My question for you: Is it scary or exciting that we are so connected?

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